The ‘Family Receipt Book’ of 1819 gives instruction in how to make scented bags to store with your clothing, and ‘Perfume Linen.’ This white linen bag is 5x6 inches, tied with handwoven linen tape, filled with dried roses, ground cloves, and mace, just like the original 1819 book instructs, and includes the original instructions. It is great to store in trunks or bins with your time period clothing, or in drawers with your modern clothing!You have the option of personalizing your sachet with silk, hand stitched initials- if you would like this extra touch of personalization, please choose the embroidery option at checkout and include a message with the two letters you would like stitched onto your bag.The price of this item reflects the high cost of one of the ingedients, but I felt it was important to include all original ingredients to keep the authenticity.

Bags to Perfume Linen