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This 18th century style Housewife is completely hand sewn with linen thread. The fabric used is linen and cotton, and the pin cushion is stuffed with wool fibers. The border trim is made of handwoven linen/cotton blend tape and the ties are made of handwoven linen tape.


A ‘housewife’ (also known as hussif) was an 18th century sewing kit or wallet, used by both men and women. The pockets were used to hold sewing tools and its small size made it convenient to carry around.


This housewife measures 12” long and 5 1/2” wide when unrolled. It includes one large and two small pockets, along with a built in pin cushion.


Need tools to fill your kit?  Choose the 'Kit+Tools' option when adding this item to your cart.  


Optional Tools include:

*Embroidery scissors

*Beeswax for strengthening thread


*One sewing needle

*Ten straight pins

*Wooden thread winder with linen thread

Housewife Sewing Kit with Handwoven Trim


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