In 1657’s ‘Adam and Eden’ Mugwort is ‘an herb known among the Vulgar for preventing weariness among sore Travell.’ However, it is noted that the gentry used Ladies Bedstraw for this purpose instead.

You can choose your lot in life for living history purposes when purchasing this remedy. If you portray someone of a lower class, choose Mugwort. If you are portraying the upper class, choose Ladies Bedstraw.

Included with this item are your choice of either Mugwort or Ladies Bedstraw in a reusable 4 oz tin, and the original instructions on how to create a warm foot soak and sooth your feet after a long reenactment weekend!

This item is appropriate for living history events, reenactments, and educational programs. The wooden spoon and bowl are sold separately in my shop.

*Disclaimer- Herbal remedies can be very useful and successful, but I do not make any claims of guaranteed results.

Muscle Ache Foot Soak