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Early American Girls

Whether your daughter is already interested in history or you just want her to learn about it, the Early American Girls workshops will bring history to life for her in a fun and memorable way!

These workshops are by appointment only.  Gather a group of girls and contact to get started!

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Cooking up the Past

Learning to cook over an open hearth was necessary for most early American girls in the Carolina Backcountry.  In this workshop we will learn about hearth cooking tools and methods, and prepare food to try!

Girls are encouraged to wear clothes that can get dirty and bring an apron if possible. 

*Pre-registration is required

*Parents are welcome to stay

*Limited to 6 participants

*Ages 8-14

*3 hours long

*Registration is $40 per participant.  

A Day in the Life...

Step back in time for a day as a girl in the 18th century Carolina backcountry.  From gathering eggs and feeding the pigs, to learning some hand sewing and playing early American games, your daughter will leave with an appreciation for the girls who came before her, and hopefully, a love for learning about history!

Activities will include:

*Meeting the farm animals

*Playing early American games

*Making crafts

*Daily Life Chores in the Cabin

*And More!

*Pre-registration is required.

*Limited to 8 participants

*Ages 8-14

*5 hours long

*Registration is $60 per person.  

Tea Time

Join us for a tea party at the cabin as we taste tea that was popular in colonial America.  Learn about the Boston Tea Party and the teas that were tossed into the harbor, practice tea etiquette, and make a colonial craft to keep.

Girls are welcome to dress up in their favorite 'old fashioned' clothing, but that is NOT required.

*Pre-registration is required

*Parents are welcome to stay

*Limited to 8 participants

*Ages 6-14

*2 hours long

*Registration is $30 per participant. 

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